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Those other hoes you done been with...they aint got nothing on me

House is the shit....and don't you fucking forget it!

My name is Cierra. I am a big time fan of House MD and this LJ is basically all for my rants/ blogs about new seasons, old seasons, relationships, friendships, ect. I'm a Hilson shipper (House/Wilson) hardcore because the bromance goes on forever. I also ship Thirteen/Cameron, Chase/House, Chase/Wilson, and just a tiny bit of House/Cameron. I love to write fanfictions and do RPG's on my spare time. My all time favorite singer is Avril Lavigne. She is just the shit, haha. I love her to death. I also make fan videos. All of them so far are Instant Star music videos, but hopefully I'll be able to find House MD downloads and I will make vids of that show. Anyways thats pretty much it.

Credit to Lidi for the House/Wilson mood themes and icon credit to hirenkoi